Friday, January 16, 2009

Pliers & Hair

I haven't posted on any of my blogs for a month! I'm just not a skilled blogger. My mind goes empty when I try to think of something good to post. Life on crutches can be boring sometimes.

End of 2008 highlights:

*I managed (with the help of all my great piano moms!) to put on two Christmas recitals two days in a row. The students did such a great job on their verses and music pieces. Each student memorized one verse from Luke 2: 1-20 which we used to give the TRUE meaning of Christmas to the ladies at a local Widow's Home on Friday and to friends and families that attended the Saturday recital. The ladies at the widows home enjoyed all the yummy cookies which the students made and visiting with all the children. We gave out Christmas cards which all of the students had signed their names and little Christmas greetings. We also gave the ladies ornaments.

*Christmas was lovely and we enjoyed spending time together as a family. Dad had the entire week off and we had a lot of fun!

Highlights of 2009....

*January 5th - started back into a regular routine - piano lessons, guitar lessons, sewing lessons - Yes, our doors are always open and we usually have several lessons going on at the same time - in different areas of the house of course. We easily have over 60 people in our home each week. I often wonder how some people get the idea that homeschoolers are "unsocialized"......

*I caught a terrible cold that is going around our state, city, and county. I've been taking lots of garlic, vitamin C, and eating raw horseradish root (I actually like that stuff!). Sore throat, earaches, stuffy nose, and a little cough is not much fun. Thankfully I'm feeling a little better.

* I started PT (physical therapy....also referred to as pain & torture) today. I'm suppose to be doing aquatic therapy in the pool so I'm going to our local YMCA. Here's a little story you might enjoy.

Please note that this is not algebra problem:

Heather + Y = sister takes brother along to Y so he can work out while she works on therapy exercises.

Yes, that's exactly what I did - I took my brother with me! Curtis was happy to work out and I was glad for his company.

At the first traffic light we stopped at on our way to the Y, being a typical lady I decided to take a look at myself in the review mirror. It was shocking!!! I noticed that I had a long black facial hair (it must have appeared out of nowhere!) shooting out of my cheek - so embarrassing! (I couldn't believe it was so long....I must need glasses.....or at least eyes on the side of my head so I can keep up with things like this!) Considering that my purse was empty when I left the house and I just throw a few things in like pens, a calendar, my drivers license, and wallet while I was on my way out the door I didn't have any thing such as nail clippers, tweezers, and all that important "junk" that ladies carry with them. SIGH.

Well, I was desperate so while the light was still red, I asked my brother if he happened to have a pair of tweezers or scissors on him. Of course the answer was, "no" but he then realized that he had a little knife that I could use if I wanted. He continued to search his pockets and found that he had a pair of pliers with him! I thought, WONDERFUL - pliers/tweezers.....they work the same way!!!

I'm happy to announce that finally after 3 red traffic lights I was able to pluck that little whisker off my face, never to be seen again! :) I must say that I'm thankful to have brothers who carry such handy little tools with them.

So......if you're ever in need of a hair plucking just ask your brother, dad, son, or husband if they happen to have a pair of pliers about them.

* It's suppose to be 1-2 degrees here tonight......brrrrr!!! I think I'll head to bed and try to stay warm.

I'm still amazed at how so many busy moms can take the time out of their day to blog! I find it hard to teach, study, and blog all in the same day. You ladies do a great job!


Amber said...

Sister Mine, you are hysterical. I don't believe anyone ever said life on crutches was boring. If they did say it, they obviously hadn't met you!

You keep me laughing. :) :):):)

Alethea Jordan said...

I don't have children. That's how I do it. =P