Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I learn....

Never EVER assume anything!

.... Never assume that it'll only take one person to remove your surgical sutures. For example, I had my sutures removed yesterday at the doctor's office. Typically it takes one nurse to clip, snip, and pull out the thread. I ended up having two nurses in the room working on removing the stitches from my hips. After working on me for several minutes, the head nurse realized that there were 3 empty rooms and patients that still needed to be called back and both of the nurses were working on me. She said that if one of them didn't go out there and call the patients back to the rooms, the doctor would be wondering what happened to his nurses. I laughed and said, "Just tell him what you were doing and on who you were trying to remove sutures from and he'll not ask any questions because he'll understand."

Anyway, it took almost an hour for the nurses to pull out the thread and for me to see the doctor. I got in as soon as we got to the office and they started working on pulling out the stitches as soon as I went back to the exam room. Finally the head nurse threw her hands up in frustration over a stubborn thread that refused to come out and said, "I'm going to let the doctor deal with this one!" and she left. A couple seconds later in walks the doctor. He pulled the thread out painlessly- no problem!

I had spent my Tuesday morning in the kitchen making fudge for the doctor's office. I gave it to the nurses and doctors as a Merry Christmas/Thank you gift along with million dollar tracts from Way Of The Master.

...Or you might be sitting on the couch with your laptop, chatting with a student friend online and trying to get some studying done, when all of a sudden your front door opens and in walks a piano student family!!! At least that is what happened today. Please note that I have several piano students that come every other week and this family wasn't suppose to be coming for lessons this week. You must also understand that my first piano students of the day knock on the door and from then on we have a revolving door - no one knocks they just enter and sit on the couch until the other student is finished. Anyway, I had a family cancel lessons this afternoon due to an upcoming wedding (they are the first students of the day and therefore would be the ones to knock) and I was going to take advantage of my "free" afternoon (I only had 1 lesson to teach scheduled today!) to get some studying done.

I'm sure we should have had the video camera on today because I jumped so high and my slippers literally went flying across the living room when the students and their mother came walking in - - keep in mind they didn't knock - - - knowing ("assuming" that I was teaching a student, which would have been correct, but the first family of the day canceled lessons)!!! I was so startled and I must have looked SO bad! I hadn't fixed my hair, I was still wearing my slippers, I had papers everywhere, etc. As you can imagine I began to panic and wonder what I looked like and tried to remember what day it was and what was happening. Yes, I did have surgery exactly two weeks ago, but I didn't think my memory was that bad! I was so thankful that I had not waited until the afternoon to change out of my pajamas or get my shower. I think I probably would have quit teaching piano right then and there if they had come and I was still in my pajamas!

Then when they walked in and noticed me - - - well, let's just say you should have seen the mom's face! She looked at me and I looked at her. Then I finally found my voice - which was a might squeaky and managed to say, "Hello! I didn't know you were coming today." It was then that the poor mom realized what had happened and felt bad, then asked if I just wanted to wait until next week for lessons. I replied, "It's fine. You're here, so let's go ahead with the lessons."

.....Never assume that your bathroom door knob will never break. Yes, that's right yesterday our bathroom doorknob broke and I have no idea how that happened! I only know that it is very annoying to be locked in a bathroom and having to have someone open the door for you to let you out. And yes, that poor piano mom who came for lessons on the wrong day got stuck in the bathroom this afternoon and her poor daughter who couldn't stop laughing, had to open the door to let her mom out. It'll be amazing if they come back again for lessons!

Then later the piano teacher (me!) happened to do the same thing too! Let's just say, that the timing of being locked in the bathroom was good at all. I forgot to mention the fact that my piano student, who actually was scheduled to come, could arrive at any minute and there you stand in the bathroom, by the door completely stuck! Both my dad and brother worked on getting me out of there while I told my sister that if I didn't get out of there for a while she may end up having to teach. Thankfully dad stopped by Lowes on his way home from work and we now have a brand new doorknob on our bathroom door.

Anyway, it was quite an interesting afternoon and I hope tomorrow will be a little better!

Happy December Everyone!


Nina in Portugal said...

You've convinced me....I'll never assume anything!

Robert said...

wise lesson to learn heather!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my place and commenting i sure will check out that book!!! A very merry december to you also!!

Alethea Jordan said...

Wow. Sorry all that happened! =(