Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm having fun!

I just arrived back home from shopping. I love when I find great deals and good bargains! Well, today I went to a local GOODWILL to do some scouting around for my nursing home tea party planning. I found quite a few cups and saucers - not exactly what I was looking for, but they will do nicely for only $0.25 each......not a bad price and they are all in good shape, which is a huge plus. I also stopped at another store (not a thrift store) just to see what dishes they had so I could get a good price range so if I can't find any more cups around town in thrift stores I'll know what store to go back and buy the remaining amount of cups.

Well as I was looking through the many isles of dishes at the store, I found a dinner set of rooster/chicken themed dishes. I grabbed the only two boxes of dishes (8 place settings altogether) in the store that had those chickens/roosters. You see, I wanted to add them to my collection of country themed kitchen things. I started this collection probably two years ago and slowly add new things. I even have chicken themed wallpaper border that I bought one year.....

Now for a peek into my one day country theme kitchen:

A picture of the dishes.

Rooster towels add a nice little touch.

A cute cow used for holding kitchen utensils.

I also have a cute cow wooden wall hanging that I bought at the same time I got the cow which has a little heart with the words:
"I love hugs, I love kisses, but I need help with the dishes"
I'll have to add a picture of that sometime...

Here is a picture of one of my cow mugs.

The entire country set -it includes kitchen towels, placemats with table runner, dishes, etc.

It is so much fun to add to this collection!

PS: I don't think I'd make a good farmer's wife.....
I'd have a hard time killing those adorable little brown cows with bright black eyes for my hamburgers.
I think I'd also have a hard time watching someone kill a chicken -especially if the chicken runs around with its head cut off and blood everywhere -yuck!


Tori said...

What a nice collection you have, very country!