Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ten Clutter Commandments

Ten Clutter Commandments

  1. Thou shalt ask yourself the following questions BEFORE acquiring something new:

    - Do I/we really need it?

    - How often will I/we use it?

    - How much space will it take up?

    - How much care does it require?

    - Does the design and quality meet my standards?

    -Is the price right?

  2. Thou shalt buy something because it is truly useful, not because an advertisement promises it will be.

  3. Thou shalt show an old item the door every time a new item comes into the house.

  4. Thou shalt develop a habit of regularly giving things away to relatives, family, or a chartiable organization.

  5. Thou shalt learn to enjoy things without having to own them.

  6. Thou shalt put things where they belong when you're finished with them; don't take them halfway to their destination.

  7. Thou shalt clean up the kitchen every night. Starting the day with a sink full of dirty, hard-to-clean dishes makes working in the kitchen difficult and inefficient.

  8. Thou shalt save photos, not objects. Take a picture of your son in his Cub Scout uniform. Keep the photo; give away the uniform. It's the memory you want to hold on to.

  9. Thou shalt resist temptation to drape clothing on a piece of bedroom furniture.
    Undress near your closet and either hang up, put away, or toss clothing into a laundry basket as you remove it.

  10. Thou shalt flex your clutter control muscle every day. Maintaining a clutter-free environment requires a daily commitment, but it takes just minutes.

    Gulp... I am currently sitting on a chair with (that had) clothing draped over it . I'm sitting at my desk with piles of papers from this year's music schedule sitting on the table next to me - I'm updating the schedule onto the computer so I can toss out the extra papers.
    I hate parting with papers.....I might need them someday!

    I guess I better start working out and flexing my clutter control muscle.