Friday, June 20, 2008


Schedules are almost impossible to stick to -

especially when............

Monday happens to be your dad's birthday and he takes time off work to celebrate. We had a lot of fun spending time together as a family.

Note: I did manage to get in 1hr. of studying, but I must say playing tennis and
eating cake & icecream was (is) much more fun than studying grammar!

Tuesday happens to be a long day of teaching and even though I ended up finishing earlier than usual I had headache and headed to bed right after supper.

Wednesday - ahh.....the perfect day for a six hour study schedule! Wrong! I was asked to play for a funeral.


I guess there is always tomorrow. :)

Be positive, be flexible, and look on the bright side!!!!

I sometimes I wonder if the person who came up with the word "schedule" knew what exactly would happen years down the road. It isn't just the train that is on a schedule nowadays. It seems that everyone you meet is on some type of time crunching schedule. They zip here and there trying to fit everything in their tight schedule. Sigh. I like schedules, but trying to mesh your schedule with everyone else is sometimes a little challenging. The hardest part about making a schedule is sticking to it!

I just wrote out a new schedule for my summer months and this coming week is the first week of a new schedule. I'm planning to do quite a bit of studying this summer (I'm aiming to study 18hrs/wk), history reading and of course teach piano. This week will be my trial run through the schedule and I'll see what works and what I need to change. Being flexible is the key to a smooth schedule in a large family.


Tori said...

Oh how true. I have tried so many time to be scheduled but it's just no fun!

18 hours a week is a big chunk, I'm sure you'll make it! Happy Scheduling !