Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A couple neat sites for teachers and homeschooling moms

I absolutely LOVE to teach! I basically grew up teaching. For my first paid teaching job I made 25 cents. When I about 8yr. I started helping a neighbor mom who had two small children - my sister and I would walk down the road to her house to play with her daughters, read to them/tell them a story, design a craft for them to do, and sing. It was great experience for us and it helped our neighbor do some housework without worrying about having her children underfoot. I would also help out teaching children's Sunday School and Wednesday night classes. I also did a lot of babysitting while growing up. Not to mention the fact that being the oldest with five younger siblings also gave me plenty of teaching opportunities in my own home.

To tell you a little story...... when I was either in 2nd, 3rd, of perhaps even in 4th grade I decided that I wanted to make myself a video for school. I actually video taped myself "teaching" (going over what I was suppose to learn- not very thorough at all - just the basics.....stuff I already knew) myself. I probably got that idea from my cousin who was going through Abecka's video school program at that time.....who knows. Homeschooling & teaching can be a lot of fun!

Ok, I got side tracked from what I was about to tell you. Sorry about that. Anyway, I love finding new activities to help children learn. I wanted to find some stuff on the human body for the study I'll be doing with my siblings and I also needed some new ideas for piano lessons. While looking around online for the topics mention above I found this website that I thought some of you teachers and homeschooling moms might enjoy looking at. They use lapbooks, but of course you can print the pages and use them however you like!

The website:

If you click on the "Free Resources" button on the top of their site you'll find a link to many different pages which include art/music, history, math, language arts, character training, as well as some pages on missionaries (they show you a black and white photo of the selected missionary and then leave blanks lines for you to fill in the blanks.) I really loved the missionary page......honestly, I can't wait until one day (have no idea when that will be) I get married and have my own children to teach - we'll have tons of fun!

I also found a neat music game (on a different site) that I think is great! The name of the game is called, "Happy Note!" I'm planning on using it as one of my fun learning games during lessons this summer if the student works hard and practices all his/her assignments. I really didn't find that much on the body, but that is ok.

At anyrate I hope you find the website neat and maybe it'll give you some other ideas for your teaching. If you know of any other great teaching websites that you have enjoyed please share them!