Monday, July 7, 2008

On A Budget

I'm enjoying a relaxful day after such a busy week! Today my sisters found a live snake in our garden - I guess having a live snake among the fake ones will keep the birds wondering and hopefully keep them away from the garden.

I wanted to post something that I found today while browsing the web which I thought was quite funny. When I saw the title I just rolled my eyes and laughed it's just common sense people, just use common sense.

Seven Ways to Exercise on a Budget -
I just copied and pasted the article as is.

  • Jog outside, not on the treadmill
    Are you running on a treadmill under fluorescent lights, trying to ignore the background thump of music and the pounding feet either side of you? Rather than paying for this "privilege", get outside instead! No-one will charge you an extortionate monthly fee for jogging round the block.

  • Cycle to work or to the store
    Instead of using your car to get to work or to do the weekly food shop, drag your old bike from the attic and dust it off. If your journey is only a few miles, you might as well cycle - saving money on gasoline (which has risen steeply in the past few months.) If you cycle to the store, you'll have to get all your shopping home on the bike - so you'll be less tempted to add things you don't need to your basket.

  • Don't buy expensive kit
    There's no reason to spend a fortune on the latest Nike-emblazoned sports kit. An old t-shirt, a pair of cheap jogging pants and some non-branded trainers will serve just fine. If wearing a nice outfit makes exercise more enjoyable for you, why not put "gym clothes" on your birthday or Christmas wish-list? Alternatively, search eBay for discounted (and often brand new) clothing.

  • Get second-hand exercise gear
    When you're equipping your home gym, scour the classified ads in your area. There are bound to be people selling off almost-new equipment ... for a fraction of the retail price. Whether it was an unwanted gift or a resolution that failed, someone else's exercise bike might be just what you're looking for.
    If you're in the US, Craigslist is a good place to start. UK readers might try Gumtree. Do use your common sense, of course, and check that the machine is in full working order before handing over cash.

  • Work out with an "exercise buddy"Rather than paying $50/hour or more for a personal trainer, buddy up with a friend. You can meet up and work out together (which will make it much harder for you to talk yourself out of it at the last minute), and you'll find you urge one another on at tough points. You can even make it a bit competitive, if that motivates you to work harder...

  • Take a part-time, active job
    If you're a teen or student, I'd bet you could use a bit of extra cash. Why not take on a Saturday job - casual, physical work like mowing lawns or cleaning people's houses could bring in some much-needed money and keep you fit at the same time. If you want something more exciting, try training as a sports instructor for a summer camp, or see if your local sports centre could use extra kids' coaches over the vacation.

  • Head to the park this weekend
    Rather than forking out for movie tickets and popcorn, or going to the mall, take your family for an afternoon at the park. With a few toys such as a ball, Frisbee and kite, you can have hours of fun for free - and get plenty of exercise whilst doing so.


Tori said...

Ooo, a snake glad it's at your place and not mine!

Some people need a little extra help in the common sense department, you know the ones! :0)

BTW, thanks so much for link to Get Over Yourself! I really appreciate you sharing that. We're busy trying to get those folks to be baptized and discipled. They were pretty ready to be saved but doing anything that identifies them with anyone but the Catholic church is a bit hard.

Thanks again!