Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Blueberry Picking...

It is hard to believe that this week we will be entering into a new month! Summertime seems to fly by! Actually, I think the older a person becomes the faster the world seems to spin - what do you think??? I hate to think of how dizzy I'll be when I'm 80! Anyway...........that is a long ways off.

We had a busy, but wonderful week! Our church had its annual missions conference which started on Sunday and ended Friday. We enjoyed fellowship with the many missionaries and our special speaker, Pastor Alun McNabb and his wife from England.

I was able to work with the children on Tuesday night and I had such a fun time...I hadn't worked with 2-4yr. olds in a long time! We had fun singing the six days of creation, and reading of how Jesus rose again from the dead so we might be able to live with Him. I really enjoyed the craft time helping the children glue cotton balls on their coloring paper to make a sheep, gluing wiggly eyes on to the lamb, and using sea shells and gems for a little fish pond on the color sheet, as well as using glitter for the bright shining sun. Their little hands were all messy with glue, cotton balls, and glitter, but we had great fun! I love interacting with the little ones and watching them learn is just so much fun! I'm the type of teacher who thinks of ideas on the spur of the moment - no lesson plans.....give me a box of all sorts of little odds and ends craft supplies, some kids and we'll be busy for hours making crafts, singing, story telling, and playing games that all relate to each other with a one theme lesson.

On Saturday we headed over to pick blueberries at a large berry farm. The bushes at the farm are around 33yrs. old and they are quite huge. Sadly, the bushes are tall and the best berries are at the top and therefore makes picking a little hard for a 5ft. 5" person. My younger siblings had the great idea of climbing on each other to reach the high berries, but as you can imagine that didn't last too long as it was more trouble than its worth- having to hold someone on your shoulders. With 6 people picking we managed to pick a bucket and half in two hours before the hot sunny day caused us to call it a day. I'm sure if we wait a couple weeks the picking will be easier and the berries more plentiful.

As you can probably imagine after having such a busy week the house work is really calling out for some good cleaning today. I always label my Monday as: Monday Morning Mess! So now I'm off to work on laundry, scrubbing, organizing, and all sorts of other cleaning jobs.......
"Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to work we go!"
Smile, Sing, and Clean! :)


Anonymous said...

Those blueberries look yummy!