Monday, May 5, 2008

Odds & Ends...

Happy May! Can you believe we are already five days into a new month!?!? There is a lot going on this month....graduations, grandparents visiting, Mother's Day, two of my sisters have birthdays this coming week - just days apart, a recital and the list goes on. I think life starts getting more busy when we approach the summer months!

What you are looking at happens to be the newest project my siblings are doing: tadpoles!
We are hoping that they will eventually turn into some fine looking, handsome little frogs.

Below is a picture of our garden. My dad planted everything in raised beds this year. We have been eating a lot of salad lately with the lettuce from our garden. If you ask me what we planted I really wouldn't be able to tell you as I am really not the "garden" type of person. I personally think the best part of having a garden is being able to can all the produce! Just wait until all the weeds start showing and the veggies appear then I will be out in the garden picking beans, tomatoes, etc. and you'll find me in the kitchen canning things like chili sauce or black berry jam.


Amber said...

We would love to see you in the garden more, Heather! ...And your jams and chili sauce are the BEST!
...By the way, when you say "handsome looking little frogs," are you thinking along the lines of "princes"? :):)