Friday, May 23, 2008


The beautiful mountians of VA!

<- My sister cooking pancakes

My sister and I taking a break on a large stone while along the path to the cabin.

Johnson Mountain Farm - A cabin built in the 1800's (not completely sure of the exact year).

Well, after about a week or longer I'm finally back on the computer to do some blogging!
My sister had a birthday and as she has always wanted to have breakfast at the Peaks that is what we did! We all piled into the van around 7:30am to head up to the mountains for breakfast. We had a great fun "grilling" pancakes, sausage, & eggs! It was quite chilly in the morning hours at the mountains and thankfully both my dad and brother remembered to bring some coffee, which helped warm us up a little. After breakfast we went hiking down a mile (2 miles all together) long trail to visit an old cabin in the woods. It was such a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful hike! Along the trail we stopped and my dad read a chapter of Psalms. We had so much fun as a family!

Well, the day after her birthday our computer crashed (we had a gotten a virus - our very first computer virus! Lesson learned: Do NOT allow your virus software to expire - keep it updated! Also, try to routinely save your files to CD).
Our new computer arrived in about a week and it's great! I'm glad to get back on to blog and
e-mail and of course, let you know that I haven't disappeared -yet!


Nina Andrzejewski said...

Beautiful pictures Heather! It sure looks like you had a nice time. You're always so positive about your family and about the time you spend with them. That says a lot about're a fantastic person!

WesternWoodburner said...

Those are such beautiful pictures.