Thursday, May 29, 2008


It seems as if the months between December-May just fly by! I feel like a busy bee....going here and there as I get ready for my spring recital tomorrow. I really enjoy planning recitals - I love it!

I'm planning to make some ice cream cakes tomorrow morning - I'm going to try my own flavor variation.... a vanilla oreo strawberry cheese cake ice cream cake, a peanut butter & chocolate flavor oreo cake, as well as the regular plain vanilla and oreo flavored ice cream cake. I'll try to remember to post the recipe tomorrow after I make the cakes. I'm also (by request of my siblings) going to be making some cookie dough truffles (they are soooooo good!!!!!!!!). If you like eating cookie dough than you should try this recipe - it has no eggs, so you don't have to worry about the raw egg part of the dough and it tastes just like regular chocolate chip cookie dough! I'll also share that recipe with you.

For some reason I always feel so stressed out about the reception part of the recital, but I shouldn't worry a bit because we always have plenty of food and so many yummy goodies! I feel very good about the students as they are all ready to go and have their songs down so well! I'm very proud of them all! I always have at least one student tell me, "Heather, I think I'm going to faint!" I always laugh and tell them "Oh no, you'll not faint on me.....if anyone faints it'll be the teacher because she has to talk in front of so many people!!!" Just so you know - no one (student or teacher) has ever fainted at any of my recitals - so far that is! :)

Right now I'm blogging as I wait for my certificates to print off.....I told my mom that if she sees smoke coming from the printer not to worry about it as the printer is very busy today!