Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quite The Collection...

What do you think of my collection - I've used all the above since January.
To catch you up to date with what has been going on with me and my hips here is a brief overview.

  • I started Physical Therapy two weeks ago and so far everything is going great. The hip plate clicks, but other than that there is no pain while working out. I've been so happy!
  • I also must share a praise with you....normally my hips will click like crazy which causes pain (it is caused by the tendon running over the plate) so I was praying that I would be "click" free for my birthday and since we ended up going biking I was really praying that my hips would behave and the Lord answered my prayer. My hips didn't click a bit while I was on my 4.5 mile bike ride!!! I was so thrilled to be biking with no painful clicking!
  • I do not use the cane or one crutch while walking about the house or at church - or in any location that I'm comfortable in walking around in (I'll wait for several more weeks before attempting to go on a long shopping trip).
  • I still have a limp, but that will be disappearing in a while (hopefully!)


Tori said...

Praise the Lord that you are healing so nicely.
Hope eventually the "click" will be gone!