Tuesday, April 29, 2008

O.k. I have some time to post an update and add some photos!!!

Last week we found some little green fruits on our fruit trees - we're so excited to watch them mature (hopefully the birds will leave them alone!)!!!

This past week was quite busy with just the normal every day tasks, plus a few neat extras mingled in the weekend.
Homeschoolers had the opportunity to learn how to play tennis at a local university Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week (the earlier part of the week was quite rainy). The college students have started doing this each year as part of their Christian Service. There were many homeschooling families there. My four youngest siblings had fun playing tennis with friends. I was able to go watch them practice on Friday for 3 hours out in the sun. Of course, you can imagine what happened my neck, arms, shoulders and face were bright red by the end of the afternoon!!! Sunburn is a terrible thing!!!
On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we had a special speaker come to our church. The speaker, Allen Buchanek was badly burned by a Sinclair Oil fire while passing by in 1962. He was burned over 50-60% of his body. He was unsaved at the time of the accident, but came to the Lord later on and committed his life to serve God as an evangelist and has been blessed to watch all of his children walking with and serving the Lord. He shared his amazing testimony with us on Sunday morning and the services were a blessing!

This week, I have been busy planning my recital, continuing to do weekly physical therapy sessions, and trying to find some free time to write e-mails and do some blogging.


The Band of Four said...

I just happened to be doing a project on the Black Tupelo or Blackgum OR Nyssa Slyvatica. Its an interesting tree!

The Band of Four said...

The green fruits will soon turn into purple fruits. You might also see green flowers in a clump!

Heather said...

Neat info. on the trees but, actually, the tree I posted happens to be a cherry or nectarine tree (can't remember which one...I think cherry). We have apple, cherry, nectarine, and almond trees and all of them are beginning to show fruit.

Anonymous said...

You know that picture you took at tennis? That girl in the back of
the line is our friend Laura!