Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feeling Like A Dog Today...

Yup, today I feel that if I was a dog life would be much more simple.

The fun of being a dog...

-I wouldn't have to do any baking/cooking - meals are always provided & there would be no clean up of dirty dishes afterward.

-I wouldn't have to clean up the house - just give me room to run and a place to sleep.

- I wouldn't have to wake up early in the morning - I could sleep in and take naps all day long.

Well, that is a short list, but really let me get serious...

I'll add one more:

If I was a dog....I wouldn't have to visit an orthopedic doctor - just a vet.

Has anyone ever researched a human orthopedic medical problem online only to find results time after time come talk about dogs only???????

I've been tempted to visit a vet to gain knowledge on a human orthopedic problem.
Several years ago when trying to figure out what was causing my hip pain I would research "constant hip pain" and without fail find a website talking about a dog's medical problems. The funniest thing was, is that the website would describe my symptoms so well that I would take that vet's diagnosis and research "human and/or orthopedic symptom with that same name and end up finding some good websites relating to hip problems. It's crazy, but seriously I have found more websites describing my painful orthopedic symptoms that relate to dogs.

Just look up the words: hip dysplasia and you'll see what I mean - lots of sites talking about dogs with that condition.

It's truly amazing what you can research online!

OK folks, it's time for me to get back to studying anatomy....trying to finish that subject up for my medical transcription course.

One more thing,incase you're wondering...I'd much rather be a human than a dog - any day!


Nina in Portugal said...

After reading all that...I'd like to be a dog too...maybe just for one day.

Your wallpaper on your blog looks great....how'd you do it?

Alethea Jordan said...

I love the way you did your blog. It's so much fun!

Heather said...

Thanks for the comments. :)

Check out: www.thecutestblogontheblock.com

for really cute blog templates. It's the best place I've found so far for blog templates. It keeps EVERY SINGLE thing on your blog where it is....just changes the background. I made a mistake once using another site with blog templates and lost a lot of my links,pictures, etc.