Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We spent a wonderful week vacationing in the mountains of Asheville, NC. We had a great time, although it rained most of the time we were there, it is nice to finally be home again. There is no place like home.

Here are a few pictures from our week:

Yes, can you believe I actually packed my crutches for vacation? It was the best thing I have ever done as I wouldn't have lasted very long walking around the museum without them!
Crutches are wonderful things-when you have a painful hip!

Someone is hiding....

Can you find the REAL Indian in this group?

We are part Cherokee Indian and our plan was to take an outdoor walking tour the Cherokee Reservation, but it was POURING rain, so we opted to visit an indoor museum instead. The museum was very nice. After spending a rainy day in Cherokee we headed over to a friend's home in Marble, NC. We had a wonderful time visiting together and making music!!! Jessi - your blueberry pie was wonderful! Kitty, I loved your apple crisp! You all play so beautifully on your violins! Thank you so much for such a fun evening!

I took my medical transcription textbooks along with me and I was able to spend a little bit of my time studying which was fun. I'm working my way through anatomy right now and loving it! I was hoping to have the anatomy section finished by the end of August, but sadly, that isn't going to happen. Can you believe Monday marks the first day of September?!? YIKES- what happened to August?!?!

We took a trolley ride through Asheville looking at all the old historic buildings. They have many unique looking buildings - take a look at these pictures:

See the little faces that were underneath the windows on a certain building.....quite interesting.

Here is one of my favorite photos:

The person who designed this roof was quite creative!

This is a picture of a old Catholic church in downtown Asheville.

We were able to help label packages for the Global Baptist Mission (Russian Bible Society) while it was pouring rain Monday morning. We had great fun helping label the packages that will be sent out to over 9,000 Baptist churches in GA & AL. We also enjoyed spending time visiting our friends, Dr. & Mrs. Doom, who is the director of Global Baptist Mission. The are such a special couple who dearly love the Lord and have a heart for revival. It was so wonderful to see them again! I also had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Doom's sister Mrs. Wilkerson, who is married to the assistant director of Global Baptist Mission. I wish we lived closer as those two ladies are a total delight to be around and a joy to talk with - I loved every minute I spent with them!

You can check out their Revival Literature website by clicking here. They have many good books, that I'm sure you will enjoy. I have to share a story with you about how I came to find out about Revival Literature.

You see I have always enjoyed reading through missionary biographies and whenever we go to a Christian bookshop or store you'll find me looking through all the books they have on their shelves and grabbing anything that has to do with missions. Well, our local Christian store happens to have a shelf in the back of the store filled with used Christian books: including missionary biographies!

Well, I went through the shelves looking through the many books when all of a sudden I stumbled across a book called: Ready For Anything. I picked it up and added it to my stack of books. I read through it and then passed it along to my Pastor's wife to read as I know that she also enjoys reading missionary biographies (actually I was going to give it to our Pastor to read, but he said had a pile of books to read and wasn't that interested in reading another book at the moment, so I gave it to his wife instead who was excited to have something new to read). Well, she read the book and told her husband and daughter that they needed to read it as well.

To make a long story short when they returned the book they told me that they actually knew the person who wrote the book!!! Amazing! Within a years time Pastor had invited Dr. Doom to come and speak at our annual prayer week. The Doom's have been at church several times and we have enjoyed getting to know them and having them over for a meal whenever they are in town. It is truly a small world!

The girls helping Mr. Wilkerson label the packages to be mailed.

Many more boxes and packages need to be labeled!


Tori said...

Wow what a great time you had!
It looks like the kids had a good time too and it's great that they got to help with the Bible Society.

Have a great Lord's Day!