Saturday, March 15, 2008



Here are some photos I took of our spring looking flowers and blossoming almond tree.

It's so exciting to look at the calendar and see that next week Spring will officially be here!!! I love watching the grass turn green and plants become alive again! The only thing I dislike are the plentiful gnats!!! I'm very glad that I was not an Egyptian at the time of the plagues as I'm sure I would have gone completely insane with all those flies swarming around everywhere -gnats are bad, but I cannot imagine life with a bunch of flies!!!

I remember several years ago after going to visit the Booker T. Washington memorial, we took a tour walking around the grounds - looking at the old homes, animals, plants, barns, etc. Anyway, included in that bunch of animals were several HUGE HOGS!!!!! They were so large that all they did was sleep in the gooey icky mud. As you know that when you have animals like that around flies are going to be in abundance!!! Well, we all had planned to walk around and then eat a picnic lunch afterwards. Little did we know it, but flies (uninvited of course!) were planning on joining us for lunch.Those flies weren't afraid of ANYTHING!!! They landed on all our food - such a mess as we tried to make sandwiches quickly as we swatted at the flies!!!! It was completely horrible!!! We gobbled our sandwiches in a hurry and then hurried to the car to finish the rest of our lunch!


Tori said...

I love spring but I'm with you, I don't like all the buzzies that come with it.

Oh the hog story is disgusting! Yuck and I would have eaten my lunch in the car too. :0)