Thursday, March 6, 2008

Relax....spring is on it's way!

Just the other evening as I was sitting on the couch relaxing with a cup of coffee in hand (relaxing?...well, not really....I was trying to organize tax papers, business papers, and letters was all making my head swim!) my younger sister came up to me to ask a question.
"Heather, do ever get sick of your legs?" (Just to let you know my legs were the farthest things from my mind at that moment.)
I stopped and looked at her and replied, "Well, as a matter of fact I love my legs and I'm very thankful that I have legs, but there are times when we have our "little disagreements" and it is at those moments I get a little annoyed with them (actually it is my crutches that I'm most bothered by!)."
Life is fun and never dull! I'm really enjoying spending time walking outdoors and doing some spring cleaning/organizing. This sunny weather is so nice!!! I'm making a huge list of things to do once I'm off crutches. I'm also having fun starting to plan a spring recital for my students in the next few months. I really have the sweetest students that are so excited about learning music! I love them all! We have a great time together during lessons although sometimes (shhh.....don't tell anyone...because I'm sure there is NO ONE else out there like me) there are days that I feel like pulling my hair out!!