Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just this past week I've read several good books:

  • Prayer by John Bunyan (a wonderful study of prayer) - haven't quite finished it yet.
  • If God Should Choose by Kristen Stagg (the story of Jim & Roni Bowers (Roni & Charity died on 4/20/01 when a Peruvian Air force fighter shot down their plane) missionaries to Peru).
  • Buried Alive For Christ & other Missionary Stories by V. Ben Kendrick
  • Reaching the world in our own backyard a guide to building relationships with people of other faiths and cultures by Rajendra K. Pillai - a great book that includes people of all countries and gives you a little taste of their culture and lists of things that you should and should not do when speaking with them, entering their home, etc.

    I still have several other mission type books that I plan on reading this week. One of my new year's plans was to write down 1-2 countries on my calendar every day of the year and pray specifically for the people in those countries. I also planned on making a book that gave little bits and pieces about that country, culture, religion, and people. I have been praying that God would burden hearts and send people to share Christ with them. I also pray that the Lord would already begin to work in the hearts of those who will be hearing the gospel. I must admit that I haven't been praying as faithfully as I would like and need to do better.

I also watch the DVD: Through the Gates of Splendor - based on the book by Elisabeth Elliot.
-It was so good and if you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it. I thought it was really neat to hear the interviews with the people and how their lives changed after receiving the gospel. There were also little photos and video clips of the five families and of the men that died. Each of the wives were also interviewed along with several of the children and grandchildren of those missionaries. Does anyone have any good mission books/videos to recommend?